Micro Data Analyzer I 

Smaller in profile but not on functionality, this system is designed to provide you with a cost effective solution to your remote control and monitoring requirements. The single card chassis comes standard with 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Analog Inputs and 3 relay controlled outputs. Equip the unit with DTMF control or a host of remote telemetry options such as Vanguard 1000 the NAS direct connect to the World Wide Web.
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​The Micro Data Analyzer unit (MDA) is a processor based analysis system utilized for applications involving supervisory control and data acquisition.  The system can be configured for interface to wayside equipment to allow for event recording, real time health monitoring, remote control and diagnostic port interface.  The unit can operate independently at a wayside facility or be configured with a host of remote telemetry packages to allow for centralized reporting.  The MDA is software configurable by the user for the specified application. In large applications, the Micro Data Analyzer can be connected by way of a DC current loop to a Universal Data Analyzer or additional Micro Data Analyzers to offer additional capacity or connectivity to a remote facility. 

  • Smaller in profile but not on functionality than the Universal Data Analyzer, the MDA is designed to provide you with a cost-effective solution to your remote control and monitoring requirements.  Equipped with 8 Isolated Analog Inputs, 8 Digital Inputs and 3 relay controlled outputs the MDA is a good fit for locations with fixed I/O requirements. 
  • Equip the MDA with a 6-watt UHF/VHF DTMF radio transceiver operating on your licensed frequency provides control from the ground with a standard 2-way portable radio. Equipped with customer configured “voice annunciation features” receive over the air command confirmation on your 2-way radio or base equipment. 
  • Initiate FRA Inspection Mode with a single switch capturing site records for archive on inspection forms.
  • Master - Slave up to 4 units located within 3000 feet of the master unit to provide a distributed monitoring platform at multiple sites.​
  • Windows Configurator Program allows the user to easily configure the system to specifically satisfy location requirements. 

MDA Hardware Configuration:
The Micro Data Analyzer unit is a self-contained processor based motherboard configuration mounted in an Aluminum Chassis. The Chassis contains a removable cover accessing the system electronics. The chassis can be wall or shelf mounted. The cover includes detail identification of the systems interconnections. If you have to read this manual to obtain information, then we have done something wrong in the production process. Everything you need to know about the visual indicators and the detailed interconnect of the system is identified on the front cover. To access the system electronics, unscrew cover fasteners located on the left and right side of the cover. Depending on the system configuration ordered from the factory the unit will contain additional module interfaces such as an internal DTMF Radio.
The MDA comes equipped with 8 Digital inputs, 8 Analog Inputs and 3- relay controlled outputs.  Based around Motorola’s 68HC11 processor used in 95% of the nation’s automobiles the system is designed to work when the rest of your systems are not. Isolated with an Internal DC-DC Converter the unit can operate on a wide range of Input voltages form 9-36 Volts DC.
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            Chassis:                                13” L X  13”W  X 3” D
            Environment:                                    -40 to +71 Degrees C

Inputs: (8) Analog  -  (8) Digital
                                                            8 –40V DC 3000 volt isolation  (Digital)
0-120V AC or DC 1Meg Ohm Impedance Isolation on Analog Inputs

3 FBH Relays                       Contact Rating 2 Amps @30VDC  1 Amp @ 125VAC

            64K                                         Typical storage 60– 90 days for 16 input location

            DC-DC Converter                Operating Voltage 9-36V DC, Isolated Ground

Serial Ports:                                      (2) DB9 Serial Females for maintenance terminal and external telemetry modem
Wire Terminals:                                2  WAGO 18-22 way plug in connector
                                                            Wire Size 14 AWG—22AWG