Welcome to North American Signal Systems, LLC.!
Applications where our systems
​can be deployed:

• Event Recording
• Remote Alarm Notification
• Supervisory Control
• Automated Maintenance Testing
• Programmable Control
• Health Monitoring
North American Signal Systems, LLC. is a full service Engineering and Manufacturing company specializing in wireless Supervisory Control and Data Analysis System (SCADA) applications. We offer customized solutions to your requirements with application of the NAS Family of Control System Products.
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Manufactured at our facilities in Gainesville, Florida these products are truly universal, making use of standard modular hardware and software to adapt to the control application.

Big or small we have a system that will satisfy your requirements without depleting your operating budget. Built with “Black Box” technology that will operate in the harshest wayside elements this product line is designed to work when the rest of your systems are not allowing you to be in full control of your operation.

With a wireless telemetry interface, our systems can operate using your 2-Way radio infrastructure eliminating costly TELCO circuits. Equip our systems with a Vanguard 1000 modem you can connect to the Internet, Intranet or other network application using a direct connect. Communicate directly to multiple user mailboxes without the need for a central hosting platform. Or text one or multiple users with specific alarms.

The staff at North American Signal Systems LLC is committed to providing you with a system that satisfies your needs and budget, not one that satisfies ours.